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InTouch BI lets us build our own reports by dragging and dropping. For me, that’s a game-changer for sure, as you can build any report based on what you want to see. In food and beverage revenue management we’re using it every single day for so many different scenarios.


With HotelSnapShot [now known as InTouch BI], we can extract our hotels’ data, centralize it, map it, clean it, normalize it, visualize it and more. We’re able to better understand patterns. For instance, by adjusting our staffing to what time most people are having breakfast or checking in, we can better influence the guest experience. We can see what menu items are the most profitable and react accordingly.


I have worked with InTouch Data for several years and find them extremely supportive. Reporting back to the team on a monthly basis around the quality of our data to working on data analysis project, they are a great extension to our small marketing team. The Client Support team has been a fantastic support and the turnaround time on any data request has always been fantastic.”

The team at Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney have enjoyed working with InTouch Data over the past 18 months. The Client Services Team have provided us fast turnaround times, great customer service and are very responsive. It is a pleasure to work with a team who genuinely want to help you and ensure you get great value out of their product.”

Adelaide Shores has been working with InTouch Data and dataArc since 2014. Working with such a great team has allowed us to gain a better understanding of our customers which has allowed us to get a better return on our marketing initiatives. The Client Services team show that nothing is too much trouble and assists with any reports requested and delivers these within 48 hours.

Making business decisions has become much more efficient. And because we now have a greater breadth of data, we’re able to discover new insights and findings, plus look at our business more holistically. All of which help us to reinforce a culture of informed decision-making based on data and insights. Put another way, we now make decisions with confidence.

For me, the difference is night and day. Today, we’re accurate within 2% of forecast whereas in the three months before I started developing InTouch, we were off by 10–15%.

Grand Chancellor Hotels have been working with InTouch Data Solutions for over 8 years and I cannot recommend highly enough how committed the team are to us as a business to ensure that our data goals are met.

The InTouch staff have total integrity which is backed up by their complex systems that allow us to interrogate the data, market to our guests in a segmented and personalised fashion and report back on key metrics and campaigns. For singular hotels needing better access to their data, or for groups without clean centralised PMS profiles, their solutions make it possible to stay competitive in the hotel environment and communicate with our guests in a meaningful way.”

InTouch Data and their team are an invaluable technology partner to Stamford Hotels and Resorts, allow us greater insight into our guests’ behaviours across the group. InTouch Data’s dataArc platform provides a user friendly interface to analyse, share and measure data & results from our marketing campaigns through any channel.

Firstly I’d like to say big thanks to InTouch Data for being so professional and prompt with their service. We found that their service was the most efficient. We could easily analyse the sales reports for marketing with the organised data. The information we receive back has been very useful and this has saved us a lot of time – Many thanks for all your help and advice and for looking after us in the excellent way.”

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