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Reimagine the way you analyse guest data and easily deploy marketing campaigns with the most powerful CRM for hotels.

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Access high-quality guest profiles

High-quality campaigns require high-quality data from multiple sources. Guest utilises InTouch's in-house data extraction tool, so you can trust the data you have is as accurate as you need it to be.


Dive deep into your guest data

Receive detailed reports that break down guest data into the most granular metrics such as nationality and stay history. That way, you can gain deeper insights into guest behaviour and drivers.


Multi-property guest insights

Consolidate data from all of your hotels so you can compare regional data on a single dashboard for quick high-level analysis. And layer segmentation data for better insight into the markets you want to target.

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Understand your guests, wherever they are on their journeys. Analyse gives you instant access to a complete overview of your hotels’ guest data from a single touchpoint.

In just a few clicks, Analyse enables you to build tailored databases with the most powerful guest segmentation engine for hotels. Bring each segment into focus with advanced ad hoc queries so you can gain a comprehensive view of your guests’ preferences from first visit to last visit.

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Measure the metrics that matter. Campaigns integrates with your email marketing tool via API and allows you to monitor the performance of every campaign you launch so you can learn from every decision you make. Benchmark the success of live and historical campaigns with access to KPIs in real-time.

Campaigns also makes return on investment analysis easy by allowing you to run ROI reports with the press of a button.

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Dashboards is a powerful and flexible tool that allows you to monitor all of your guest data from a single visual interface. Simply select the metrics that matter most to you to build a fully customized overview of all of your guest information.

Use Dashboards to access advanced visual analytics tools such as regional summaries, interactive heat maps, and time-based breakdowns so you can conduct high-level analysis at a glance.

Guest Add ons

Email Marketing

Attract and engage guests with an intuitive and powerful email marketing platform.

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Forward Booking Data

Access data from present and future bookings so you work with the most up-to-date guest metrics.

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S&C Extractions

Market your event spaces to the people who’ve booked them in the past with access to your sales & catering data.

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Custom List Imports

Import contact lists from other platforms so you can analyse your data from a single touchpoint.

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Link Guest with the email service provider (ESP) you already use to access in-depth KPIs from a single source.

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More capabilities, less headache


Custom triggers

Configure flexibility into the way you analyse guest data and launch campaigns. Create custom triggers that optimise your interface for the features that you and your team use most so you can build more powerful campaigns.


Granular segmentation

Gain in-depth insight into your target audience with advanced segmentation features. Break down segments beyond Business, Leisure, and Group travelers. Analyse guest behaviour based on national origin, currency type, and more.


Repeat guest identification

Quickly dive into who your repeat guests are and how they interact with your channels. Determine what keeps them coming back so you can target your best guests with specialised packages and promotions.


In-depth guest analysis

Instantly access reports that help you build your analysis and unlock insights into your hotel’s management system. Quickly see and compare in-depth guest metrics on granular segments such as first-time visitors and repeat guests.


Drive direct bookings

Use Guest to break down and understand your hotel’s exact markets so you can target each segment individually. Then use your preferred ESP to drive and track conversions with email campaigns powered by data intelligence.


ICE program 

Leverage clean guest data from your PMS. InTouch Guest utilises the ICE Program to take hotel PMS data and transform it into a usable marketing database full of clean, accurate, and contactable guest data.

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