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BI dashboards

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InTouch’s business intelligence tool

Make more impactful revenue decisions, faster, with decision intelligence. Gain unique insights with complete visibility into your hotel’s day-to-day so you can identify valuable revenue optimisation opportunities and make the most of your data.


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InTouch’s guest intelligence tool

Engage with your guests intelligently. Access granular data to gain clarity into guest behavior. Then, build uniquely targeted marketing campaigns and deploy your messaging all on a single, powerful platform.

Data extraction dashboards

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InTouch’s data extraction tool

Automatically extract and clean data from every system in your hotel to unlock complete visibility into your entire operation. Break down data silos to unlock complete control in your PMS and BI platforms.

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Hotel decision intelligence

A holistic view into your hotels' data analytics 

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Focus on your revenue strategy

Break free from endless spreadsheets and unnecessary manual work. With InTouch’s BI tool, you can work smarter, not harder. Take on scattered data with a flexible platform that gives you the power to build automated, standardised reports. Capture a complete view of all of your properties to make better decisions on the spot.

Understand your guests

Skip the manual exports, incomplete guest profiles, and wasted hours mapping data into spreadsheets. InTouch’s Guest tool automatically extracts your data and provides you with full guest profiles, not just a list of email addresses. Guest allows you to track the same guest visits across different hotels using only PMS data you already have. It can segment your guests based on contactable status or geography and gives you full campaign tracking abilities. All this, while ensuring you have the cleanest data possible.

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Data you can trust

Stop wasting time wrangling your data across various systems and running the risk of making costly inaccuracies. Begin your data extraction journey with Extract. Extract collects data from all of your systems and data silos, cleans it up, and moves it to the centralised platform that works best for you. But what is clean data worth with a subpar BI or CRM? Couple it with our BI and Guest platforms to reap the full benefits of Extract.

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