Hotel data solutions, made affordable

Finally, a pricing plan to fit every hotel’s needs. With pricing as low as US $0.50 per room per month.

All plans include: Free setup for larger hotel groups (10+), data extraction through InTouch Extract, unlimited users, enterprise grade security, and historical data usage for up to 2 years.

Group 19479


Per room. Per month. Billed annually.

Perfect for hotels groups that are looking to explore the power of InTouch’s BI tool.

  • Group 16110 Connect your PMS
  • Group 16110 Standard report templates
  • Group 16110 Dashboards
  • Group 16110 Room reporting
  • Group 16110 Revenue pacing
  • Group 16110 User-uploaded forecasts
  • Group 16110 Multi-property view


Per room. Per month. Billed annually.

Our enterprise grade solution for hotel goups with hundreds of properties and complex BI requirments.

  • Everything in Premium plus:
  • Group 16110 Connect 3rd party visualisation
  • Group 16110 On premise installation available
  • Group 16110 Dedicated account manager
  • Group 16110 Custom outbound 3rd-party data feeds
  • Group 16110 Communication & collaboration tools
  • Group 16110 Turn key data warehousing
  • Group 16110 Forecasting
  • Group 16110 Comms and collaboration tools
  • Group 16110 Volume-based pricing
  • Group 16110 Accounting reporting

Add ons

Food & beverage data

Optimise your menu and dining experience to make significant improvements to your seat occupancy and REVPASH. Track and analyse your best and worst-performing menu items and staff and identify upsell opportunities to make sure you’re getting the most out of your restaurants and bars.

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Conferences & events data

Get the full picture into your event spaces’ performance and impact on your entire hotel. Break down your event rooms by type and track the KPIs you care about the most to see what’s working and what’s not.

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Spa data

Optimise your spa experience by tracking and analysing your best and worst performing spa services and staff. Pinpoint new upsell opportunities to make sure you’re getting the most out of your treatments and spa packages.

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Upsell data

Identify new upsell opportunities and provide valuable feedback to your front office with granular analysis of upgrade performance, top selling packages, and Booked vs. Stayed Room activity.​ Then track and incentivize staff performance on upsell opportunities.

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Enhanced pace reporting

Expand your standard market, channel, and room Pace reporting and unlock the ability to Pace by company, agent, country, and/or rate code and hone your reporting by using multiple filters at once. Use historical data to go back in time and understand past On the Books (OTB) positions and pinpoint pickup over time.

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Extra data storage

Need more than two years of historical data? Additional storage allows you to keep all your essential past data all in one database for quick access and easy reporting and analytics. Get the storage you need and none that you don’t.

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Group 19480

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