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InTouch FAQs

Can users be set up to access multiple hotels?

Yes, users can be set up to see either a single property, a cluster of hotels, or multiple hotels based on attributes such as their region, country, brand, etc.

Can multiple hotels be grouped together in one report?

Yes, all of our reporting is built around the ability to run reports for a single hotel or a group of hotels. The grouping can also be done dynamically based on the hotel's configuration i.e. brand, country, owner, region, etc.

What Property Management Systems do we extract from?

We are always adding to the portfolio of PMS we extract from, however, our list currently includes:

  • Opera
  • Infor HMS
  • Mews
  • Protel
  • Rhapsody
  • HotelTime
  • FOLS
  • Hirum
  • Nehops

How do we get the data from the system and is there any user interaction needed?

Each system is a little different, but the outcome is always the same. Our interfaces are 100% managed by our team, your team is not required to maintain or support any data interface for your hotel systems. There is no user interaction required once they are set up.

How do we report on multiple hotels that use different standards (different brands, PMS, etc)?

The basis of our system is to bring in different datasets and get them into a standard format. If that is not possible we have another layer over the top that allows for the data to be further standardised. This means we can build to handle hotel groups that have hotels that contain different standards (i.e. market/channel structures), different revenue setups (i.e. how room service charge is handled), and across multiple source systems. The outcome is that all your hotel's data will work together and your users will not waste time trying to resolve the variances.

Are the reports able to be automated?

Yes, we can schedule the reporting to go out automatically via a number of channels (i.e. email, SFTP, HTTPS Post, etc.) and on a schedule that makes the most sense to you (daily, weekly, monthly).

How often is data updated?

Data is refreshed once a day and although each PMS is slightly different, we aim for this to be done directly after the night audit.

Where is the data hosted?

We are hosted within the Microsoft Azure environment with our primary data servers being hosted within Singapore. Our enterprise package allows you to host the data completely within your hotel’s global network if this is a requirement.

Is the data able to be hosted within the hotel's environment?

Yes, via our enterprise option we are able to work with your team to have the system 100% hosted within your environment, we also support and manage the system within your environment so there are no extra resources needed on your side.

Can the site be white-labeled/branded?

Yes, this is an option in our enterprise package.

How long does it take to set up?

It takes roughly 4-6 weeks to get your first hotel up and running, subsequent hotels are able to be onboarded much quicker.

Does it report on company and agent production?

Yes, this is one of our specialties! We are able to provide a very deep analysis of your company and agency production. Additionally, we are able to provide you with a workflow that allows you to centralise the account profiles over multiple hotels. This will then give you the capability to report on one account's production over multiple hotels. We can also assign targets to these accounts that can be based on a number of different elements.

Can finance data be added?

Yes, we are able to accept your forecast and budget data in a number of different formats. We also provide an option for you to upload the data directly. If this option is chosen, we can pace the data to provide feedback on pieces such as forecast accuracy.

Can external datasets be imported?

Yes, we work with you to get data feeds set up from your existing vendors to enrich your data, these can include data sets such as Rate Shopping, STR, Demand360, Reputation Score, and F&B reservation systems.

Do you have experience with our type of setup (i.e. x amount of hotels)?

We’ve been around for over 20 years so we have seen (and executed on) just about every configuration you could think of - from groups as large as 5,000 hotels, down to single hotels.

Do you offer a pilot/trial?

Pilots are provided in certain situations. Feel free to set up a time to chat with us so we can let you know if you qualify for one!

Can you give an example of how you enhance the data by combining multiple sources together?

There are many examples and each hotel will have a different focus but a few we have done recently include:

  • Combining post-stay survey metrics with PMS data to further enrich the feedback to better understand why certain scores were provided.
  • Combining the hotel's comp-set data with PMS data to build out indicators that can give an indication of future demand.
  • Linking in-house guests' checks from the POS to their PMS stay to further enrich the F&B analysis (i.e. understanding check mix by nationality).

How much does it cost?

It starts from as low as USD $0.43 a room per month. 

How is it charged (centrally or hotel by hotel)?

We provide flexible options, which means we can offer either.

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