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Top 10 Hotel Business Intelligence Tools in 2022

There’s no shortage of hotel business intelligence tools out there. You just need to find the one that fits your hotel's needs. Here’s our top 10 for 2022.

Hotel performance data reports show that the hospitality industry is rapidly changing. If hotels want to remain a significant part of the industry, hotel management needs to take advantage of information and data to make relevant and timely decisions. 

The world’s largest companies already take advantage of business intelligence tools. It's time hotels moved away from conventional spreadsheets and started incorporating BI tools as part of their day-to-day data collection and analysis. Modern BI platforms allow you to leverage the information gathered by your PMS, POS, and other systems to make effective decisions that can improve the guest experience, increase revenue, and maximize profitability. 

Luckily, there’s no shortage of business intelligence tools for the hotel industry. You just need to find the best one to suit your hotel's needs. Here are the top 10 options on the market in 2022: 

1. InTouch BI 

Best for: Multi-property visibility


Hotel BI tool InTouch logo


  • Optimized for multiple property management 
  • Customizable reports and dashboards
  • Drag and drop report building
  • Automated data extraction and mapping
  • Maps data from multiple PMS systems


  • Not ideal for individual hotels

InTouch is a powerful business intelligence suite that leverages a fully compliant, secure, and cost-effective platform to generate accurate hotel performance data reports. The tool can reconnect your siloed data and ease the process of reporting, analyzing, and collaborating data.  

InTouch offers a comprehensive suite of features in one easy-to-use, user-friendly tool. For the forward-looking head of revenue looking to turn their team of revenue managers into strategists. InTouch provides quality, accurate, and flexible data so your revenue teams can make informed decisions. This BI tool will prove valuable in more ways than one. 

2. OTA Insight 

Best for: Ease-of-use


Hotel BI tool OTA Insight logo


  • Automated data gathering & integration 
  • Extremely granular market data insights
  • Sales team productivity tracking
  • Multi-property management 
  • Multi-user optimizations


  • Rigid report customization

OTA Insight is an easy-to-use business intelligence tool designed for the hospitality industry. It helps easily visualize and leverage data. 

This intelligence tool provides its customers with simple, easy-to-understand, and actionable data courtesy of its wide range of features. 

What makes OTA Insight stand out is its ability to export all the data from PMS automatically, with all the figures and KPIs displayed in a user-friendly and easy way. However, the tool doesn't allow the user to choose which data to display on the pickup graph for the segmentation filter. 

The price of OTA Insight depends on the hotel's location, its type, and the number of rooms although the cost of the tool can often be customized to your needs. 

3. Scoreboard by Duetto 

Best for: Advanced data analytics


Hotel BI tool Duetto logo


  • Open API
  • Multi property management 
  • Automated data gathering & integration 


  • Limited in group segment reporting

Scoreboard by Duetto is an exceptional BI tool that is defined by cutting-edge analytics and AI. It draws precise day-level conjectures and provides you with information in the form of customized reports on an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard. 

Scoreboard is a frontrunner in hospitality revenue management and makes a real difference in hotel performance data reports. The tool is sophisticated and time-tested and puts back the power in the decision-makers in the hotel industry.

4. ProfitSage by ProfitSword 

Best for: Budget forecasting


Hotel BI tool ProfitSword logo


  • Net revenue KPIs
  • Open API
  • Business and marketing plans 
  • Automated data gathering and integration 
  • Food & beverage reporting, analysis, and forecasting 


  • Limited reporting tools
  • Slower loading times

ProfitSword has provided innovative hospitality business intelligence solutions for the past 20 years. The brand has created deep connections with more than 100 hotel owners and operators and thousands of businesses as a reliable data collection and analysis tool with curated features for the hospitality industry. 

The most touted features of ProfitSword are the budgeting and forecasting tool which saves hotel managers the trouble of using excel sheets. 

5. Hotel lQ

Best for: Data visualization


Hotel BI tool Hotel IQ logo


  • Revenue pacing 
  • Corporate and travel agency account tracking 


  • Lack of some KPIs
  • Limited report customization

For revenue managers that are ready to move from tedious spreadsheets into the world of intelligent, visual reports and dashboards, HotellQ can be a great hotel analytics and data management tool. Like other BIs in its class, it can save you the long hours of physically creating reports while utilizing information from the PMS, your property, and other interior and exterior sources to provide accurate data and forecasts. 

Although HotellQ is a robust BI tool, it is worth noting it lacks some essential hotel performance data reporting tools like net revenue KPI and distribution cost analytics, among others. 

6. M3 

Best for: F&B reporting


Hotel BI tool M3 logo


  • Open API
  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Customizable reporting
  • Food and beverage reporting, analysis, and forecasting


  • Lack of corporate and travel agency account tracking
  • Limited, pre-made reports

M3 promises to allow you to spend more of your time serving your visitors and inspiring your teams and less time trying to consolidate information and data. This world-class business intelligence tool has a simple-to-use administrative center, accounting innovation, and dashboards that display various KPIs across all your hotel locations. 

On the downside, this tool doesn't incorporate corporate and travel agency account tracking, which is a crucial metric in the hotel industry. 

7. Hotellistat 

Best for: Beginners to data analytics


Hotel BI tool Hotellistat logo


  • Rate shopping
  • Built-in social media management
  • E-commerce tracking


  • No automatic rate updates
  • Less of a focus on BI, more focus on marketing

Founded in 2016, Hotellistat hasn't been around as long as some other BI tools. However, this platform is a one-for-all BI tool for digital marketing positioning and marketing analysis. The software has an innovative revenue market and business intelligence approach that saves you time and money. 

8. D-Edge 

Best for: Distribution analytics


Hotel BI tool D-Edge logo


  • User-friendly
  • Automated data gathering


  • Reporting limited to distribution

D-Edge does more than collect and analyze data. It gives you a deeper understanding of the distribution channels, their performance, and behaviors to make planning management decisions easier and more effective and increase your revenue.

The company has over 20 years of experience and is considered the no.1 hotel distribution technology provider in hospitality with a fairly impressive worldwide ranking.   

9. IdeaS RevPlan

Best for: Room and F&B forecasting


Hotel BI tool IdeaS logo


  • Automated decision-making with AI and machine learning
  • Analyzes both market and internal data


  • Lack of analytics dashboard
  • Limited historical data lookback

IdeaS RevPlan is an impressive business tool that has been in the market since 1989. It is not as expansive as the higher-ranked tools and focuses on total revenue forecasting and budgeting. As a result, RevPlan boasts the most accurate room and F&B forecasting over every other software on the list. With IdeaS RevPlan, you can drive greater profitability by transforming how your hotel forecasts food & beverage, rooms, and other lines of business. 

While the tool is effective, the lack of an analytics dashboard can make it more difficult to use and quickly share data and insights, especially coupled with the scarcity of other dashboarding and data visualization features. 

10. myPerspective by myDigitalOffice 

Best for: Large revenue management teams


Hotel BI tool myDigitalOffice logo


  • Clear and concise reporting
  • Responsive customer service


  • US-focused insights, e.g. lacks currency options
  • Difficult integration process

For hotel managers looking for an all-in-one business intelligence tool, myPerspective fits the bill. The tool has multiple features and is accessible at any time on any device. You can access all your data in one quick login. myPerspective also allows you to create shared workspaces for departments and clients. The dashboard is well laid out so you can understand even the smallest detail and stay up to date with the most critical metrics. 

Final Thoughts 

Having a reliable hotel performance data report is critical in ensuring your hotel business pivots in the right direction. A carefully selected BI tool like InTouch BI with the right features can make this challenge easier and more accurate. Position your hotel for success today by requesting a product tour of the InTouch BI tool and experiencing the next frontier of data analysis and forecasting. 

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