Atlantis Dubai will be expanding InTouch BI into their newest property, Atlantis The Royal

InTouch is expanding its hotel data solutions to the world’s most ultra-luxury experiential resort, Atlantis The Royal, opening in the fall of 2022.

InTouch has been providing Atlantis The Palm with exceptional hotel business intelligence this past year. So naturally, when Atlantis Dubai was looking into hotel data solutions for Atlantis The Royal, InTouch was their number one choice.

Anastasija Ovtchinnikova, Director of Revenue Management at Atlantis Dubai, has worked with InTouch BI prior to joining the Atlantis team and was well-acquainted with the unique benefits it could provide to their hotel’s operations.

“Bringing InTouch to Atlantis Dubai has given us a new view on the reporting not only by allowing us to build our own reports and dashboards, but also connect to data points that were not accessible to us before. InTouch team has been extremely responsive and flexible to adjust the reporting to meet the needs of our unique operations. We are looking forward to customizing and enhancing the reporting even further and to expanding the tool to our new property Atlantis The Royal.” 

- Anastasija Ovtchinnikova, Director of Revenue Management at Atlantis Dubai

Atlantis The Royal is crafted by the world’s leading designers, architects, and artists; this is a destination filled with rarity. A place that combines dreamlike living spaces with breathtaking views, extraordinary dining experiences, attractions, entertainment, and nightlife. With open access to all that Atlantis Dubai has to offer, Atlantis The Royal is a destination of impossibilities made possible.

“Working with Anastasija and the team at Atlantis The Palm has been just as rewarding for us as it has been for them. With Atlantis Dubai being in a position to take advantage of such a wide range of their guest information, it has been great to see how they have used it to make real decisions and be able to measure the impact across all their revenue spaces - rooms, food & beverage, retail, attractions, and much more. We really look forward to continuing our strong relationship and creating the same impact with their new sister property, Atlantis The Royal.” 

- Ryan Smith, InTouch CEO

InTouch specializes in understanding hotels and—more importantly—hotel data. For 20 years, they’ve developed turnkey solutions that easily extract, consolidate, and visualize data from hotels’ property management systems. As a result, tedious and redundant tasks are eliminated. Hours are saved and data becomes business intelligence that hotels can readily act upon to improve performance and the bottom line.

About Atlantis Dubai

An iconic entertainment destination comprised of two world-class resorts that bring you extraordinary experiences. Discover a world of amazement across stays, dining, entertainment, attractions, and wellness.

Atlantis The Palm - This Dubai icon is the ultimate holiday destination for both couples and families to make lifetime memories. From thrill-seekers to foodies, sun lovers to explorers, there is an unforgettable experience for everyone. 

Atlantis The Royal - A daring destination resort with extraordinary stays, dining, attractions, and entertainment where you’ll be left with a feeling of wonderment.

About InTouch

When InTouch started in 2001 there was not much of a hotel software industry. It gave their team of innovators the opportunity to create a new space from scratch. With the idea to re-engineer hotel data analytics software, utilising guest and revenue information, the InTouch team began learning the ins and outs of the hotel industry. Now, 20+ years later, they are still one of the strongest players in the hotel software space. Much of their success is attributed to their ability to navigate the ever-changing landscape, their products' unique flexibility, and their dedicated team of hotel data experts.

Today, with data being more vital than ever to hotels, InTouch’s mission has remained the same: providing hoteliers with centralised, quality, and insightful data to make every decision with confidence.

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