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About us

When InTouch started in 2001 there was not much of a hotel software industry. It gave our team of innovators the opportunity to create a new space from scratch. With the idea to re-engineer hotel data analytics software, utilising guest and revenue information, the InTouch team began learning the ins and outs of the hotel industry. Now, 20+ years later, we are still one of the strongest players in the hotel software space. Much of our success is attributed to our ability to navigate the everchanging landscape, our products' unique flexibility, and our dedicated team of hotel data experts.

Today, with data being more vital than ever to hotels, InTouch’s mission has remained the same: providing hoteliers with centralised, quality, and insightful data to make every decision with confidence.

Our values

They define us — and guide how we make decisions, solve problems, and treat each other.

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We started off solving the hardest problems for some of the biggest hotels worldwide. Over 20 years later, we have the knowledge and track record to say, “We’ve got it covered.”


Our success lies in turning big ideas into practical solutions and adding value to our customers. We foster creativity in everything we do to bring new and surprising answers to our customers' toughest questions.


Real problems need honest fixes. We stay focused on collaboration, practicality, and efficiency to engineer flexible tools that bring genuine change and deliver concrete results to our customers.


We believe success requires a refusal to give up in the face of a new challenge. We nurture our curiosity and determination to drive deeper insights and produce complete hotel industry data analytics solutions to the world's biggest hotels.

Ferocious Authenticity

At InTouch, we strive to stay true to who we are, what we do, and what our customers need. It’s about being truthful and transparent — and building technology that makes hotel data management simpler.

Companies we’ve worked with

Shangri La Hotels and Resorts
InterContinental Hotels Group
Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts
Atlantis Hotels

Don’t just take our word for it.

InTouch and their team are an invaluable technology partner to Stamford Hotels and Resorts, allow us greater insight into our guests’ behaviours across the group.

For me, the difference is night and day. Today, we’re accurate within 2% of forecast whereas in the three months before I started developing InTouch, we were off by 10–15%.

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