Big data for big decisions.

Focus more on actioning your data than acquiring it with InTouch’s suite of hotel decision intelligence tools. Providing you with the insights you need to make your biggest decisions with confidence.

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Companies we’ve worked with

Shangri La Hotels and Resorts
InterContinental Hotels Groups
Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts
Atlantis Resorts

Over 2,500 of the world’s largest hotels have trusted InTouch for 20+ years

75 million

records extracted daily

13 thousand

hours saved monthly

9 milllion

guest records stored

$15 billion

in room revenue per year

Say hello to decision intelligence

The strategies you develop are only as strong as the data behind them, and without the right tools, pulling information from across your organisation into a single, workable database is no easy feat. That’s why our suite of tools will take you from data extraction all the way to making profitable decisions. And to guarantee you are receiving the highest quality and most accurate data, everything we do is handled in-house. With InTouch, you get decision intelligence to make intelligent decisions. It’s that simple.

Hotel decision intelligence

A whole suite of hotel software tools you can depend on

Break down data silos. Build a better revenue strategy. Boost each guest's value. All with the most powerful suite of software tools available for your hotel.

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Securely extract and clean your siloed data and deliver it to where you need it. Easily access your data in our CRM and BI applications.

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Boost revenue with a BI tool that provides more than just business intelligence. Empower your team to control 100% of your hotel’s data to gain deep insights and turn revenue data into real decisions that will make an impact.

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Manage and action on your guest data with critical insights into guest behaviour and preferences to target your marketing initiatives and incentives with a CRM and email marketing platform built for hotels.

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More than two decades of experience

This is where data meets expertise. We’ve lived and breathed hotel data and intelligence for over 20 years — building solutions for the largest and most complex hotel groups in the world.

Insights beyond business intelligence

Move beyond canned reports and help your revenue managers to become strategic thinkers. Meaning that they are not only drilling down into the data, but also asking well-informed questions that generate deeper insights and make an impact.

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Leverage your data like never before

Gain visibility into every corner of your business. Ensure that you’re working with the most accurate, complete, and reliable data with advanced anomaly detection and automated integrity control.

Flexible support, every step of the way

Onboard swiftly so you can access your data without missing a beat. Work with a dedicated support team to ensure your reports are accurate, secure, and ready to go whenever you need them.

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Don’t just take our word for it

For me, the difference is night and day. Today, we’re accurate within 2% of forecast whereas in the three months before I started developing InTouch, we were off by 10–15%.

InTouch and their team are an invaluable technology partner to Stamford Hotels and Resorts, allow us greater insight into our guests’ behaviours across the group.

The Client Services Team has provided us fast turnaround times, great customer service, and is very responsive. It is a pleasure to work with a team who genuinely want to help you.

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