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Our ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) software, pmsXtract, is available to third-party vendors that require timely and accurate data to support their industry applications.

We work with each vendor individually to develop an appropriate solution, including building a unique interface to suit differing datasets and requirements. Data is then delivered on a scheduled basis, dictated by the vendor; it may be daily, weekly, monthly etc.

While all outputs are closely monitored, pmsXtract has a fail-safe mechanism that allows re-capture of any data in the case of a hardware failure or other event preventing scheduled extraction. This allows vendors to concentrate on their core strengths while we manage all aspects of the ETL process.

Vendors working with hotel clients and utilising pre-stay, in-house or post-stay data should contact us to discuss their needs.

To learn more, download our Extracting and Securing Data eBook.

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