Extract detailed guest and visit information directly from your Property Management System.

pmsXtract seamlessly extracts guest data directly from the PMS and pushes it into ICE (Import | Clean & Optimise | Export), where it is cleaned, formatted, validated and enriched to ensure access to real people (not OTA’s, agents or bookers).

Why use pmsXtract?

Simple to install and easy to update without any interaction or resource allocation from the property.

From ICE, your data can be pushed in any direction you need:

  • Into Intouch Data’s own applications dataArc (CRM) and HotelSnapShot (BI)
  • Internally to other hotel applications or services
  • Externally to third parties for a variety of solutions

Extract guest data as a scheduled process to run on a daily, weekly, monthly (or other cycle) based on your business and data needs.

Outputted data files can be transmitted via FTP, FTPS, SFTP, Web Service or delivered to a specific location within the hotel network.

Deliver data from sales and catering systems, including Delphi or Opera Sales and Catering.

Data Extraction & Cleaning

ICE cleans, formats, validates and enriches your guest data through a series of manual and automatic processes to ensure you are accessing and utilising quality data. Gain insight into the quality of your guest data through monthly and adhoc reporting to provide you with a benchmark to improve the number of contactable records.


pmsXtract can integrate and work with your hospitality PMS, including:

  • Opera
  • Opera Light
  • Fidelio
  • Fidelio Express
  • Protel
  • Hirum
  • BV
  • Rhapsody
  • Galaxy LightSpeed
  • RMS
  • roomMaster
  • Maestro
  • IDS
  • GuestCentrix
  • Epitome
  • LTI Management
  • HMS
  • Satin Software
  • LANmark
  • WinCal
  • Brilliant
  • Delphi
  • EzyRez
  • Hotel Concepts
  • Marc


Download the dataArc-Leading to Loyalty eBook for more details.

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