Business intelligence for hoteliers; built in collaboration with hoteliers.

Our powerful BI application, HotelSnapShot, combines your hotel metrics with 3rd party data sources in a single, customisable  interface. Data feeds are refreshed daily to provide you with a historical overview as well as on the books production. No more spreadsheets. No more fumbling for facts. See where you are and where you are heading, without having to find, compile or report on data – everything is already there!


Consolidated data sources

Consolidated Data Sources

Correlate information to gauge the impact of the outside world on your hotel.

User specific interfaces

User Specific Interfaces

Control who has access to what based on their role and data requirements.

Multi-property scalability

Multi-property Scalability

Gather insight from one hotel, a group or an entire portolio.

Comparative Analysis

Compare and analyse disparate datasets to draw correlations and drive insight

Pivot Analytics

Pivot to break larger datasets into smaller targeted groups.

Scheduled & Ad-Hoc Reporting

All the information at your fingertips!

Customisable Dashboards

Design unique dashboards using the data and formats you desire.

Mobile Access

Got internet access? Access your data anywhere, anytime.

Data Sources

HotelSnapShot provides you with access to micro and macro data in a scalable, user-friendly environment. Aggregated at single property, cluster, brand or group level and link disparate datasets to correlate information and gather insight.

Include information such as:

  • PMS
  • MICE
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • SPA
  • STR
  • Rate shopping
  • Airline Seat Capacity
  • S&C
  • Stock index & exchange rate
  • Reputation & Guest satisfaction
  • Weather
  • Hotel Events


Recognising the importance of user flexibility, dashboards can be customisable, allowing individual users to design their own pages, or templated based on the user’s role and data requirements.


Download the dataArc-Leading to Loyalty eBook for more details.

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