FAQ: How to Improve your Data Quality

Not all data is created equal. The quality and integrity of the information you are collecting can significantly impact your guests chances of return. Naomi Midgley, from our Client Support team, has the answers to help you improve your data quality whilst maintaining privacy.

What is the average data collection rate? How do I rank against other hotels?

We get asked this question a lot from new clients. There isn’t a straight up percentage or ranking we can give you, as every hotel is different in how they collect and use their data. It is more a matter of how YOUR hotel works and what you need to do to make your data work for you.

The answer that I always give when asked this question is to measure yourself against yourself. We can work with your team to ensure that you have everything you need when it comes to collecting quality data. We don’t expect clients to get 100% every month – that would be amazing. As long as your front office and marketing team are aiming for improvement each month or year, that can only be beneficial.

How do I know that my data is safe with ITD?

Given that we operate in the data industry, we take privacy very seriously. We need to make sure that data is safe, whilst upholding the guest’s right to privacy. Therefore, hotel data extacted from the PMS is stored within a secure data centre located in Sydney and manned 24/7.

Furthermore, we help our clients put the correct processes in place to uphold privacy laws when contacting their guests. Upon setup, we work with the front office team to ensure that privacy and marketing communications are being entered and thus, extracted correctly. This is to ensure that any campaign database, only contains guests that want to be contacted, safeguarding the hotel and the guest’s right to privacy.

What exactly does ITD collect from the PMS?

As much as we can. Our extraction program, pmsXtract, pulls both guest information – geographical, birthdates, preferences – and transactional data – market, source or rate codes and spend channels.

The aim is to collect and collate as much data as possible, enabling hotels to create targeted marketing campaigns and move away from the traditional email blast.

However, as data is extracted directly from the PMS, we try to stress that good data in, is good data out. In order for us provide our clients with the best opportunity for detailed segmentation and reporting, we must make sure that data is being entered correctly in the first place.

What advice do you have for hotels to improve their data capture?

Teamwork.  Marketing teams need to work more with their front office teams to make sure the questions they want answered are being asked in the first place. Disconnected departments cause missed opportunities. If possible, take some time to observe how the front office staff are asking for guest information. If you can, try talking to the front office manager to organise incentives for your front office team to get them excited about data collection.

Do you have a question for Naomi? Email her at naomi.midgley@intouchdata.com and she will answer in her next FAQ.

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