Good data in equals…

We all know the saying good data in equals good data out, right? But how many hotels are putting in good data?
This week I stayed in a hotel that only wanted my postcode on arrival – a strategy usually reserved for retail.“What are you going to do with my postcode?” I asked. “Sir, we want to know where our guests come from,” was the reply.
For the record, I live in Australian postcode 4073. The graphic below shows the demographic profile of my postcode, which incorporates two suburbs and a variety of different neighbourhoods.
So, who am I?
What can you add to the existing data you capture in-house with just my postcode? Hotels collect and store vast amounts of information about their guests, but too often overlook the obvious. Intouch Data can help unlock the secrets of good data – including how to use what you already know.
hotel data imageImage courtesy RDA Research

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