Data – big or small, is no longer limited to big tech companies. Its value has been recognised by many different industries of varying sizes. From mom and pop businesses right through to the governments and companies that run the world; data is at the core of it all.

Data has cemented its place in the business world by facilitating faster and more accurate decisions – a business-must-have in a world where how quick you move can be the difference between sinking and sailing.

Day after day, hotels gather an abundance of information that quite often sits dormant, its true value overlooked. Often, the thought of accessing and sifting through the huge data sets may seem like opening Pandora’s box. Intouch data was founded on the premise that it doesn’t have to be that way.

In 2001 Peter Johnson and Rebecca Reilly united with the aim of re-engineering hotel guest data to facilitate and track direct marketing.

The cornerstones of the business were built on the extraction of data from property management systems (PMS) along with combining data across a group of aligned hotels at cluster or group level.

Since, Intouch Data has transformed well beyond a single dimension, yet these cornerstones remain intact.

Today, we provide CRM and BI applications to hotel chains and individual properties across the globe.  Moreover, we work with industry vendors to provide data extraction, transform and load (ETL) services to streamline the data flow from numerous PMS.

To put it simply, Intouch Data understand hotels and, more importantly, understands hotel data – We are the hotel data experts after all. We exist solely to assist the hospitality industry and fifteen years on, we are as in touch as ever.



Peter Johnson
CEO and Executive Director

Anita Fernandes
Operations Manager

Ryan Smith
Director of IT Development and Executive Director


Naomi Midgley

Georgia-Mae Smith

Jarrod Ellis

Lauren Dean

Clayton Vickery

Matt Thorburn

Budhaditya Banerjee

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