More than just a fresh face.

dataArc, our CRM application, has gone live with powerful new features,
a fresh face and a streamlined user experience!

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pmsXtract draws detailed guest and visitor information directly from the PMS software, creating a powerful solution for your hotel online reservation system or reservation software system.



Intouch Data’s CRM application dataArc provides a full-function hospitality software solution for extracting data, be it for online reservation, hotel sales, or facilitating communication to your guests.


dataArc.mail is the email marketing platform for hotels. It is a simple, yet powerful solution to creating and delivering campaigns that resonate with your guests.



Intouch Data’s HotelSnapShot combines big data with unique, user-friendly interfaces that show you where you are and where you are heading, without having to find, compile or report on data – it’s already there!

“I have worked with Intouch Data for a number of years and cannot recommend them highly enough. The team are professional, helpful and thorough. They are always keen to lend a hand and are quick to react to any support queries, as well as work towards solutions to more complex topics. The integrity of the data we use for marketing campaigns and revenue analysis is paramount in our day to day operations and we can totally rely on the Intouch systems to deliver what we require in a confidential environment.” – Hazel Rigler, Director of Marketing & eCommerce – Australia & New Zealand Grand Hotels International

“Intouch Data and their team are an invaluable technology partner to Stamford Hotels and Resorts, allow us greater insight into our guests’ behaviours across the group. Intouch Data’s dataArc platform provides a user friendly interface to analyse, share and measure data & results from our marketing campaigns through any channel.” – Terence Gore, Web and eMarketing Manager – Stamford Hotels & Resorts

Solutions for Vendors

Our ETL software, pmsXtract is available to third-party vendors that require timely and accurate data to support their industry applications.

We work with each vendor individually to develop an appropriate solution, including building a unique interface to suit differing datasets and requirements.

Vendors working with hotel clients and utilising pre-stay, in-house or post-stay data should contact us to discuss their needs.



No more spreadsheets. No more fumbling for facts. We show you where you are and where you are heading, without having to find, compile or report on data– everything is already there!


Intouch Data specialises in data solutions for the hotel industry, we are data experts and we assist hotels and hotel chains in monetising their data from both internal and external perspectives…

Extracting & Securing Data

Intouch Data extracts property management system (PMS) data via its automated application pmsXtract. The PMS data is the core of Intouch Data’s business whether…

dataArc Leading to Loyalty

Create the sticky customer through data-driven marketing campaigns. Day after day, your hotel collects an abundance of information about your guests; who they are, who they travel with, where they come from…

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