4 Quick tips for Better Segmentation

Segmentation is not a new concept – and it definitely doesn’t take a PhD or a wizard to figure it out. However, what many hotels often fail to realise is that even the most basic segmentation strategies can help spin marketing straw into gold. Here are just a few to kick it off…

Slice & Dice

Customised Data Extraction

Seamlessly extract data directly from your Property Management System and
push it where you want it; into your own industry applications or ours!

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Understand your audience

Access and utilise your guest data to drive insight for more informed business decisions and
targeted communications that resonate with your audience.

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Data-driven Email Marketing

Utilise your data to create and send targeted emails that are relevant to your market,
to forge loyal relationships and keep them coming back.

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Business Intelligence for Hotels

Access the information you need in a single, scalable environment to
identify the factors impacting your hotel’s success.

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Hotel Management and Data Experts

At Intouch Data, we specialise in data solutions for the hotel industry. We are the hotel data experts, and we assist hotels and hotel chains to monetise their data.

We provide you with the tools to access and manage the data you collect in your hotel, and we assist you in utilising that information in a meaningful way. Whether you are looking to better understand hotel operations or seeking new ways to increase guest stays, your hotel data holds the key.

While accessing and analysing the data in your hotel property management system (PMS), and other data sources, may seem overwhelming, we make working with data simple. We provide quality hotel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI) applications to hotels; from individual boutique hotels to national and international chains around the world. We also work with other industry vendors, providing data extraction services to streamline the flow of information into their applications.

Put simply, we understand hotels and their data and we provide the applications and support to monetise what we believe is your best asset.

Hotel Data Solutions

We offer a suite of applications and services that provide turnkey solutions for your data and the downstream processes. These include data extraction and cleaning, CRM and BI applications, which allow analysis, reporting and dashboarding and email marketing integration, to name a few.


At the core of our business is pmsXtract, our specialised extraction software, which allows you to access the guest and visit information residing in your PMS.

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pmsXtract delivers your PMS data to ICE (Import | Clean | Export), where it is cleaned, formatted and validated, then pushed where you want it; into our CRM and BI applications, your own internal applications or to third-party vendors.

Not all data is created equal; pmsXtract allows you to normalise data across multiple PMS or other data sources. These processes ensure that you are accessing and analysing accurate data.

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Our CRM application, dataArc, offers a full-function solution to accessing, managing and monetising your guest data.

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Gain a better understanding of guest behaviours and preferences to target your marketing, allowing you to generate direct bookings and repeat visits.

Every interaction you have with your guests and every decision they make creates a trail of information. dataArc allows you to capture and consolidate information from a single property, region or an entire portfolio, in a single, scalable environment, allowing you to segment and directly target your guests to build brand loyalty.

The ICE process ensures you have direct access to real people (not OTA’s or agents) and allows you to identify duplicate guests that may reside in your systems (good data in = good data out). Gain insight into your market and engage with your guests using personalised and relevant communications that go beyond their first name. Enhance dataArc’s potential by seamlessly integrating with dataArc.mail to create a data-driven communications environment.

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Our Email Marketing Platform (EMP) offers you a way to communicate directly with your guests and start the conversation on your terms.

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Forge meaningful relationships and create customer loyalty by communicating before, during and after their stay. Better yet, integrate with dataArc to combine your email marketing and your guest data to create powerful, personalised interactions that get results.

DataArc.mail is email marketing for hotels; a simple, yet powerful hotel solution with the ability to drive ROI and strategically increase return visits.

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Our BI application, HotelSnapShot (HSS), consolidates internal and external data sets, beyond the PMS, allowing you to identify the factors impacting your hotel’s success and/or failures.

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Correlate information and gather insight with access to the metrics you need in a single, scalable environment, incorporating dashboards, reporting and cube-type analysis. HSS captures data daily for yesterday’s close of business through to the last reservation in your system.

HSS is designed for hotel groups whilst allowing individual users to design their own dashboards and reports to suit their business role and related needs. HSS is the hotel management software you need to identify where you are and where you are heading without having to find, compile and report on data.

Find out more about HotelSnapShot here.

“I have worked with Intouch Data for a number of years and cannot recommend them highly enough. The team are professional, helpful and thorough. They are always keen to lend a hand and are quick to react to any support queries, as well as work towards solutions to more complex topics. The integrity of the data we use for marketing campaigns and revenue analysis is paramount in our day to day operations and we can totally rely on the Intouch systems to deliver what we require in a confidential environment.” – Hazel Rigler, Director of Marketing & eCommerce – Australia & New Zealand Grand Hotels International

“Intouch Data and their team are an invaluable technology partner to Stamford Hotels and Resorts, allow us greater insight into our guests’ behaviours across the group. Intouch Data’s dataArc platform provides a user friendly interface to analyse, share and measure data & results from our marketing campaigns through any channel.” – Terence Gore, Web and eMarketing Manager – Stamford Hotels & Resorts

Our Service

Computer Data - IntouchAt Intouch Data, we believe that your hotel database is your most important asset. We also understand that no two hotels are alike and our customisable solutions sets us apart from our competitors.  Our bureau service provides ongoing training and support which compliments our applications, providing the most comprehensive solutions for the hospitality industry.

Want to see how our applications can assist you and your hotel? We offer live demos, we have case studies and can provide you with customer testimonials which back our service delivery.

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No more spreadsheets. No more fumbling for facts. We show you where you are and where you are heading, without having to find, compile or report on data– everything is already there!


Intouch Data specialises in data solutions for the hotel industry, we are data experts and we assist hotels and hotel chains in monetising their data from both internal and external perspectives…

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Intouch Data extracts property management system (PMS) data via its automated application pmsXtract. The PMS data is the core of Intouch Data’s business whether…

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