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Business Intelligence – anytime anywhere! HotelSnapShot will change your approach to BI. A combination of user-defined dashboards, reports and cube-type analysis will confine your spreadsheets to history. More >


CRM – one property, some properties, all properties! dataArc is the essential CRM application to manage your guests data and communications. Know your guests, understand their habits and target to suit your needs. More >

Sales Production – want to know exactly how much a particular account is worth across all your properties? Account Converge takes out the guess work, the cutting and pasting and the headaches! More >

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Intouch Data Pty Ltd

(ITD) is an Australian information technology company that provides customised data applications for the hotel industry.  ITD’s suite of applications gives hoteliers’ unique access to guest data for Business Intelligence, CRM and Sales Production and Analysis. Established in 2001, ITD has grown to become a market leader, and the provider of choice for over 500 of the world’s leading hotels.

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"One of the integrated IT and marketing tools we are currently using, through our partnership with Intouch Data, is HotelSnapshot and Axis Business Intelligence. This allows us to get a daily snapshot for each of our hotels, and with the Axis Business intelligence tool, we now have the ability and flexibility to slice and dice the data to suit our needs. Tools like these make our operations much more nimble, and more targeted in our whole-of-market activity."

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