Intouch Data’s HotelSnapShot combines, big data with unique user-friendly interfaces that show you where you are and where you are heading without having to find, compile or report on data; it’s already there!

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Intouch Data’s CRM application dataArc provides a full-function solution from extracting data to facilitating communication to your guests.

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pmsXtract draws detailed guest and visit information, directly from the PMS.

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What is data monetisation?

Data monetisation, put simply, is about extracting the value that exists in an organisation’s data source or sources. Value can be derived both internally and externally. Hotels and hotel chains have enormous amounts of data stored and Intouch Data provides solutions to add value to that data to generate:

  • Insight and knowledge
  • Communication strategies
  • Commercial strategies
  • Employee empowerment through action-designed reporting
  • Savings in resources both technical and human-related

Data monetisation has been evolving since the Royal Mail commenced its National Change of Address service and recognised, as an organisation, that the database could save time and resources as well as generating an additional income stream from selling the data to other parties.

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Case studies

Real world examples of our solutions in action.


The Challenge: Accessing data from a variety of PMS.
The Spurwing system was in demand across hotel chains and distributors such as Travel Agents, traditional and online and inbound and outbound Travel…


The Challenge: The big picture – looking for a complete solution from data to delivery.
Intouch Data’s client, a mid-size chain across five countries (and expanding) was looking for a complete CRM solution. The challenges included a number of differing PMS...


The Challenge: A solution to the reporting conundrum.
Intouch Data's client had a wish list of issues that needed to be addressed by HotelSnapShot. High on the list was the rationalisation of reporting requirements ...


“I have worked with Intouch Data for a number of years and cannot recommend them highly enough. The team are professional, helpful and thorough. They are always keen to lend a hand and are quick to react to any support queries, as well as work towards solutions to more complex topics. The integrity of the data we use for marketing campaigns and revenue analysis is paramount in our day to day operations and we can totally rely on the Intouch systems to deliver what we require in a confidential environment.” – Hazel Rigler, Director of Marketing & eCommerce – Australia & New Zealand Grand Hotels International


“Intouch Data and their team are an invaluable technology partner to Stamford Hotels and Resorts, allow us greater insight into our guests’ behaviours across the group. Intouch Data’s dataArc platform provides a user friendly interface to analyse, share and measure data & results from our marketing campaigns through any channel.” – Terence Gore, Web and eMarketing Manager – Stamford Hotels & Resorts




pmsXtract draws detailed guest and visitor information directly from the PMS software, creating a powerful solution for your hotel online reservation system or reservation software system. Simple to install, easy to update, and compatible across a wide range of platforms, pmsXtract will help you get the absolute most out of your hotel and hospitality software systems.



Intouch Data’s CRM application dataArc provides a full-function hospitality software solution for extracting data, be it for online reservation, hotel sales, or facilitating communication to your guests. Seamless PMS software integration and a high level of tailoring and customisation to your existing hospitality or reservation software means that dataArc can help your business go that extra step while maximising the efficiency of your hotel management systems.



Intouch Data’s HotelSnapShot combines big data with unique, user-friendly interfaces that show you where you are and where you are heading, without having to find, compile or report on data – it’s already there! A powerful and versatile software solution that can be applied to any business practice from hotel sales to online reservation. Easy to integrate and use in tandem with PMS software, a wide range of reporting and the ability to track and monitor your existing online reservation system, HotelSnapShot is the multi-faceted solution to many of the challenges facing unintegrated hospitality software systems.

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